You Deserve a Break from All the Tech Hassle & Design Headache

I help online coaches launch digital courses faster without sacrificing family time and losing sanity on tech setup.


Have You Ever Feel...

Falling in love with what you do, and you know you’re good at it.
You just can’t wait to be able to help others.
You’re unstoppable and you want to share your knowledge with everyone who needs you.
You want to empower and help as many people as you can.

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You’re too scared of the technology, graphic design and online marketing itself that you feel it’s gonna eat you alive.

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You’re busy creating your content that you also lack plenty of time to learn how you can bring it to the world.

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The tech setup is driving you crazy and you don't want to spend another week or two to learn another skill that can help you.

Even if you know you can do it by yourself...

Let’s be honest, that time you spent doing all the tech setup & graphic design can be spent with your family.

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You have tried A LOT of things but you still end up not launching your business and digital course.

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You started to Do-It-Yourself but keep on falling the technology and design rabbit hole.

Trust me, I know...

Focus on the things that only you can do. Get the right support, so you can work less but actually do more.

Build a business you love without sacrificing family time and losing sanity.

Because as a Kajabi Expert and Digital Course Launch Manager, my MISSION is to help you succeed.
Let me help you launch your dream business with confidence & faster!

Why You Should Trust Me?

As an alumni of Marie Forleo's B-School program and Amy Porterfield's Digital Course Academy,

I am surrounded by an amazing group of entrepreneurs whose dream is to make a great impact by sharing their special gifts and expertise, information, and advice.

As I spend more time with them, I was able to see why they are having challenges in launching their digital courses and how I can help them.

They are either an ambitious beginner or an already successful coach who's looking to expand their business and make a difference in this world.

With over 9 years of experience supporting online businesses...

I can say that launching an online business and keeping yourself sane during the process are two of the most important thing...
That is why I am here. And this is what I do.


How We Can Work Together

Who am I?

I'm an online business manager with team of virtual assistants. We can help you build your dream business using Kajabi... the only platform you need to build your online business.

Discovery Call

The first step is to reach out, completely fill-out my contact form so we can schedule a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call, where we will dive deeper into what are your actual needs.

Project Plan

After the call, you’ll receive a detailed project plan on how we’ll move forward. Once you agree with the plan and settled the upfront payment, you’ll have me booked for your project.

Love Notes from Clients

Tricia Dempsey

"I hired Anna through the trusted B-School & Digital Course Academy community. From day one, she has been dependable, produced high-quality work and taken on ANY challenge I’ve thrown her way. She has helped me step by step reach my Kajabi Hero status $10k in only two months and not only is resourceful but proactive in identifying ways I can maximize my efforts and results. I highly recommend Anna – as a matter of fact… I already have to anyone I know who needs help!"

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Angela Rogers

"Anna’s design skills and bringing to life my ideas for marketing and welcome documents for clients is second to none! The finished products exceeded expectations and has given my whole business such a professional polished feel right from my first contact with a potential client! From professional profile, to client discovery, client intake, welcome kit & email signature, it is just perfect! Thanks Anna and I can’t wait to work with you again!"

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Jessie Ereddia

"Anna did an excellent job redesigning a handful of worksheets for me! She was quick to respond, fulfilled my vision of what I wanted, incorporated all of my feedback into her designs, and was a pleasure to work with! I would definitely recommend Anna to anyone who is looking to bring a design to life!"

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Are you ready to build the business you love?

Let's create and launch the information product of your dreams!

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